Can Other People See My Activity Log?

How do I not let people see my activity on Facebook?

Adjust the privacy settings of each item you wish to hide by clicking on the drop-down menu located next to it.

Click the “Customize” option and select “Only Me” from the menu that appears in the resulting box.

Adjust the “Posts By Me” item to hide the majority of your activity on the news feed..

Can you hide activity on messenger?

To hide your activity status, tap your profile icon in the top left to open the Settings menu. Then, tap “Active Status” under the Profile settings. Next, tap the slider next to “Show when you’re active,” then select “Turn Off” on the pop-up, and your Active Status will be disabled.

How can you tell if someone Unfriended you?

There are two ways:Your friends list. If you can’t find the person in your friends list, you’ve either been unfriended or blocked.The person’s profile. If you can access the person’s profile and if you see the Add Friend button, you’ve been unfriended.

How can you tell who unfriended you?

Choose a prior year on your Facebook Timeline and click on the number of friends you connected with that year in the Friends box. Click on the “Made x New Friends” list – anyone with an Add Friend link next to their name either unfriended you, or you unfriended them.

Does Facebook show your Activity Log?

Note: Only you can see your activity log, but the posts and other content in your activity log may appear other places on Facebook, like on your timeline, in Search or in your friends’ News Feeds.

Can someone see my Google activity?

As you can see, it is definitely possible for someone to access and view your search and browsing history. You don’t necessarily have to make it easy for them, though. Taking steps such as using a VPN, adjusting your Google privacy settings and frequently deleting cookies can help.

Can someone tell if you stalk them on Facebook?

If you come across an app that claims to offer this ability, please report the app. ‘ The answer is no, someone cannot tell if you have been looking at their Facebook and stop being paranoid, throw caution to the wind and stalk to your heart’s desire.

How can I see what my girlfriend likes on Facebook 2019?

You Can Now See Which Facebook Photos Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Has Been Liking. For RealClick on the search bar. You know that thing you type into to find your next stalking victim.Type in ‘photos liked’ Then you’ll see the lists that start to form. … Type in ‘photos liked insert friends name’

Are my Google searches being monitored?

Quite simply, Google earns money by doing so. … So, your Google searches, voice searches, location changes, all are tracked and stored by Google so that the advertisements can be as tailored and accurate as they can be. But Google is not the only big corporate that does targeted advertising.

Can someone see my search history if I delete it?

Even if you delete all or some of your activity, Google still maintains records about the way you used its web browser related to the deleted data — if you search for something, it’ll remember that you searched for something at that specific time and date, but not what you specifically you searched for, according to …

Does your activity log show everything?

Facebook keeps an Activity Log of absolutely everything you do—tracking things you like, post, or share on someone’s Timeline. You can view that Activity Log anytime you like.

Does unfriending show up in activity log?

When you check your activity log and then click on the friends section, that is where you can see who you’ve friended or unfriended!

How do you see someone’s activity on Facebook 2020?

Click on your friend’s name on the cover photo to return to the main timeline page and scroll down to the Recent Activity box, which may include notifications of recent likes. Click “More recent activity” to see if any older stories are available.

Can someone see my search history through WiFi?

WiFi providers can see your browsing history, every web page you have been visiting while connected to their WiFi network. … The traffic is encrypted, so the WiFi admins cannot see the web pages contents but WiFi provider can still see your browsing history and all the pages you have been browsing.

How do I hide my recent activity on Facebook 2020?

Adjust the privacy settings of each item you wish to hide by clicking on the drop-down menu located next to it. Click the “Customize” option and select “Only Me” from the menu that appears in the resulting box. Adjust the “Posts By Me” item to hide the majority of your activity on the news feed.

Can you see someone else’s activity on Facebook?

Facebook doesn’t allow you to view someone’s activity log from your profile. You can view your own activity log only. But you can view the only activities that your friend made public in your news feed or in their timeline.

Does deleting activity log delete post?

You can still see posts that other people have made to your Timeline in the Activity Log, but you’ll only be able to hide them from your Timeline — not delete them.

Is Facebook Activity Log accurate?

Facebook. It’s a common theory Facebook Messenger’s last seen notifications are not accurate. Mainly because it is thought if you leave the app or site open, it will still show you as being “active now” even though you are not physically browsing within it. Others say the status isn’t accurate at all.

How do I hide my activity log?

To hide or delete something you’ve shared using activity log:Click in the top right of Facebook.Select Settings & Privacy > Activity Log.Click Filter in the top left of your activity log. From here, you can filter your activity by: … You’ll see the things you’ve shared in the left column.

Can you hide Activity Log on Facebook?

You can use your activity log to hide or delete specific content on Facebook (example: posts, photos and videos, comments or likes). Hide from timeline. … Keep in mind, things you hide from your timeline may still be visible to the audience they’re shared with on other places on Facebook, such as in News Feed and Search.

Why is my activity log not showing up?

If your Activity Log is blank, close and reopen Facebook to refresh your window or update the browser you’re using. If that doesn’t work, please use the “Report a Problem” link on your account to let us know more about what you’re seeing.