Can You Recover A Deleted Twitter Account After 30 Days?

Can I get my deleted Twitter account back?

To restore your account there are 2 options: Send an email to from the email address that is attached to the Twitter account.

Fill in the form on the Twitter Help Center and select ‘restore my deleted account’ from the drop down..

Does deactivating twitter delete everything?

When you deactivate your account, all your posts, tweets, likes and comments disappear from the site for up to 30 days. This process can take minutes, or it can take a few days, depending on how prolific your Twitter presence was.

Does deactivating twitter delete your account?

When deactivated, your Twitter account, including your display name, username, and public profile, will no longer be viewable on, Twitter for iOS, and Twitter for Android.

Are twitter suspensions permanent?

That’s the good news: if you believe Twitter made a mistake, you can appeal your account suspension. The bad news is if you appeal is denied, your Twitter account suspension becomes permanent. Twitter will remove your account from global view AND you will not be allowed to create new accounts.

How long after deactivating twitter does it delete?

30 daysTwitter only retain your user data for 30 days from the date of deactivation, after which they begin the process of deleting your account from their systems, which can take up to a week, as provided in Twitters Privacy Policy.

Can you reactivate Snapchat after 30 days?

After your Snapchat is deactivated, you still have 30 days to reactivate your account. To do so, just log back in to the Snapchat app with your username and password within these 30 days. You have to be patient as it sometimes takes up to 24 hours to reactivate an account.

What happens after 30 days of deactivating twitter?

If it has been more than 30 days since you deactivated, you will not be able to reactivate your account. Twitter account remains Deactivated for 30 days from the day you deactivate your Twitter account , however after 30 days it will be deleted automatically and there is no way you can get it back.

Do you lose followers if you deactivate twitter?

For one month after you’ve “deleted” your account, your Twitter data is still accessible — if you choose to reactivate your account. Before that month is up, your list of followers is untouched. However, your followers will not be able to access your tweets or see your account data unless you reactivate.

Will my twitter account be suspended forever?

If a user has deactivated his/her account, Twitter provides a flexibility to restore the same account with same user name and same followers within 30 days. In case, a user does not attempt to reactivate it within this timeline, account will be suspended on permanent basis.