Do Scentsy Warmers Really Work?

Is Scentsy a ripoff?

Technically no.

Scentsy is not a scam.

They produce legit products and pay their consultants for selling products like they say they will..

Why is scentsy bad?

Scentsy publicly states their ingredients are secret When heated, paraffin wax releases the toxins acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene and acrolein into the air, all of which have been proven to increase your risk for cancer.

How often should I change my Scentsy wax?

15 answers. It depends on the scents – every couple days I change them out. I switch my cubes of wax out about 2-3 days, however, I work so I only have my warmers on about 6 hours a day through the weekdays. One pack of scent will last me about two weeks in one burner.

How many times can you reuse wax melts?

Melted wax does not evaporate; only the scent dissipates, so make sure to remove the used wax from your warmer before adding a new cube If using Happy Wax melts, 2-3 wax melts generally yield about 8 hours of fragrance. You are welcome to reuse the wax as many times as you want until the fragrance dissipates.

Are Scentsy Warmers a fire hazard?

Since the wax is warmed and not burned as with wicked candles, no harmful chemicals or pollutants are released into the air. With Scentsy, there’s no flame, smoke, soot or lead.

What can you do with old Scentsy wax?

You can use your left over candle wax to make some fire starters. If you’ve got an empty egg carton and some lint you can make one that’ll burn for a long time. The cardboard of the carton helps to get the wax and lint burning. Put your left over wax in a heavy glass jar, and then place on a radiator.

Are Scentsy warmers worth it?

Absolutely. These are great investment pieces and the quality is not cheap. You’re not only purchasing a warmer, but the peace of mind that if something goes wrong, you can contact your consultant or Scentsy directly and they will rectify your issues.

Can you use any wax melts in a Scentsy warmer?

A. You can be we strongly advise against using other types of wax in your Scentsy Warmer. Our special paraffin wax is lightweight and created to melt at a low temperature. You may find that other waxes won’t even begin to melt in your Scentsy warmer due to our waxes low melting point.

Can you pour Scentsy wax back into container?

Scentsy wax is only melted to body tempts so you can pour unwanted wax into a trash bag, or back into its container it will not hurt it.

How many cubes do you put in a Scentsy warmer?

two cubesYou only need to use one small cube at a time, and some customers even cut the cube and use half at a time. If you have a mid size or larger warmer, we usually suggest two cubes at a time, at the most! Try one cube, then one and a half and see how it goes.

Do Scentsy bars lose their scent?

The wax does not evaporate, it does not get hot enough to, the scent just eventually dissipates, remove that wax from your warmer before adding a new cube, if you just add to the old wax it will dilute the new wax and your scent won’t last as long. … I love my scentsy warmer and wax.

How many hours does Scentsy wax last?

60 hoursHow long will a Scentsy Bar last? A Scentsy Bar will last approximately 50 to 60 hours, depending on the strength of the fragrance, where a Warmer is located in a room, the time of year, humidity and other factors.

Can you use Walmart wax in Scentsy warmers?

I also have used Scentsy wax in my walmart warmers and it was fine as well too. You can definitely do that. I love the Scentsy brand waxes because they are better quality, but I have purchased more inexpensive warmers from Walmart. Short answer: yes.

Are Scentsy warmers safe to leave on?

Probably pretty safe but it won’t conserve the wax as long. I am a Scentsy Consultant. I NEVER turn my warmers off. They are made to only reach a certain temperature then they stop getting any hotter, so they are safe to leave on at all times.

Why does my Scentsy not smell anymore?

Why can’t I smell my favorite Scentsy Bar anymore? Occasionally, you can become immune to a scent or fragrance note by simply warming it too frequently. For example, if you warm cinnamon fragrances all year, your nose may actually begin to filter out the smell of cinnamon.