How Loud Is The Apple HomePod?

Does Siri eavesdrop?

I’m a cybersecurity journalist.

Apple Siri conversations are being reviewed by external contractors, it has been confirmed.

Apple does not explicitly state that humans are listening to conversations in its consumer-facing privacy documentation.


Is HomePod a failure?

Apple’s products and services tend to sell better in the home market than elsewhere in the world. But the HomePod is an exception, having captured a paltry 6 percent of the U.S. smart speaker market in 2018.

Is HomePod always listening?

Like every home speaker, the HomePod has an ‘always-on’ mic that has the potential to hear private conversations. … Experts recently discovered icons in the latest version of iOS that suggest always-listening microphones on Apple’s Homepod speaker can be disabled.

How many watts is Apple HomePod?

8.74 wattsThe comparison is true, as a classic-shaped A-series LED bulb typically draws around 9-10 watts, while the HomePod draws around 8.74 watts with 115V of line voltage during music playback at 50 percent volume.

Does Apple HomePod listen to your conversations?

Apple’s official privacy policies state that Siri running on a HomePod does not send any voice recordings to Apple until it hears the special command phrase “Hey Siri”. It then sends your voice recordings to Apple’s servers so they can use voice-recognition technology to respond to your questions and commands.

How do you equalize a HomePod?

How to adjust the EQ of the HomePod when AirPlaying from an iPhone or iPadBegin playing music from your iPhone.Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.Tap Music.Scroll down and tap EQ under the Playback menu.Select a preset. … AirPlay to your HomePod.

Does Siri spy on people?

Apple’s Siri can be activated by something as mundane as the sound of a zipper — leaving any conversation open to surveillance and accompanied by user data like location and contact details, whether it’s you talking to your doctor or having an intimate conversation with your partner, Siri is listening in on you, …

How much does the HomePod weigh?

HomePodA white HomePod on display at WWDC 2017Dimensions6.8 in × 5.6 in (170 mm × 140 mm)Mass5.5 lb (2.5 kg) more rows

Is Apple HomePod dual voltage?

Yes, it works on 100V to 240V AC at 50Hz to 60Hz. See HomePod – Technical Specifications – Apple for details.

What is HomePod compatible with?

HomePod works with all devices able to run the latest version of iOS. Devices compatible with HomePod include the iPhone 5s or newer, the iPad mini 2 or newer, the iPad Air or newer, the sixth-generation iPod Touch and newer, and all iPad Pro models.

Can HomePod connect to 5ghz?

If the HomePod can use both bands, set the two SSIDs to have different names in your router and explicitly use the 5 GHz SSID in the HomePod. If both SSIDs use the same name then devices may try and connect to either of them.

Does Siri swear?

It turns out, you can get Siri to curse. All you have to do is ask your iPhone to define the word “mother.” Business Insider broke the “news.” … Then Siri will inform you that mother can be shorthand for “motherf—–,” a definition that counts as “vulgar slang.” We were able to replicate the Easter egg of sorts on Monday.

Should I buy Apple HomePod?

Apple’s HomePod is the best-sounding wireless smart speaker available, and you can control it by voice using Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri. But the HomePod is worth considering only if you’re an iPhone owner and a subscriber to Apple Music (or are willing to be)—don’t buy it if you want to keep streaming Spotify.

Which is better Alexa or Apple HomePod?

Alexa, however, still has a longer list of “skills” than Google Assistant. … Well, put bluntly, if you’re an Android user, you’re definitely better off sticking with Google’s ecosystem. Those that are firmly in Apple’s camp with an iPhone, Apple TV, and HomeKit-enabled devices will get better use from the HomePod.

Is Apple discontinuing the HomePod?

Apple products rarely see official price drops after release, but the company today cut the MSRP of its HomePod smart speaker. … iPod Hi-Fi, the company’s last $349 speaker, was abruptly discontinued and yanked from Apple’s stores only a year and a half after release.

Is HomePod loud enough?

Compared to the competition, HomePod came out as the clear winner, with no distortion and a full, well-balanced sound. … The much larger Home Max gets much louder than HomePod, specifically 97 decibels compared to HomePod’s 88 decibels, but sound quality on the Google speaker drops dramatically.

Can I use HomePod with Apple TV?

To connect HomePod to Apple TV, you need to use AirPlay. … The HomePod will appear as an audio output. If you aren’t playing content, you can connect to HomePod with a new shortcut introduced in tvOS 11. From the home screen, just hold down the play/pause button on the Siri Remote.

How do I make apple HomePod louder?

You can say “Hey Siri, turn it up/down” for a 10% change, or say “Hey Siri, turn it up/down a lot” for 20%. You can also ask Siri to set the HomePod to “maximum volume,” which will prompt a warning before actually cranking up the speaker to its highest level.

Is HomePod water resistant?

The Apple HomePod is not waterproof. Apple suggests keeping your HomePod away from all sources of liquid. This means you should not store your HomePod in the kitchen near your sink, bathroom, and so on.