Is A 44 Magnum Good For Deer Hunting?

Can a 44 Magnum rifle kill a bear?

For a bear cartridge anything equal to or more powerful than a .

41 Magnum or .

44 Magnum will be fine.

357 Magnum or other similar-caliber load, a well-placed shot with a good bullet will certainly kill a bear, but it’s not recommended..

Which is better 44 Magnum or 357?

357 Mag is a much smaller diameter bullet than its . 44 Mag counterpart. While the case and overall length are similar, the . 44 Mag is much wider and voluminous cartridge that can hold more powder and withstand a higher amount of pressure when the powder is ignited.

Can you shoot 45 long colt in a 44 Magnum?

It is possible , At least once. . 44 Magnum has SAAMI Maximum Average Pressure of 36,000 psi ( piezo). . 45 Colt (also called .

How far can you shoot a deer with a 44 mag?

100 yardsExperts limit hunting ranges to 100 yards (91 m) when shooting . 44 Magnum cartridges, less if practical accuracy requires it.

What is the range of a Henry 44 mag rifle?

within 150 yardsIt’s a man-sized rifle that (with the rear sight fixed) delivers solid accuracy and sledgehammer-like knockdown power for hunting just about anything within 150 yards.

What is the best 44 mag rifle?

Best . 44 Magnum RiflesMost Beautiful .44 Mag Lever-Action Rifle. Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum. … Best Hunting .44 Mag Lever-Action Rifle. Marlin 1894. … Dirty Harry Approved. Smith and Wesson Model 29. … Best Big Game Handgun. Ruger Super Redhawk. … F.LLI Pietta 1873 SA Revolver. … Magnum Research Desert Eagle – .44 Magnum. … Henry Mares Leg.

What is the effective range of a 44 Magnum rifle?

As far as ballistics, when fired from a 6-inch barrel revolver, a heavy 240-grain . 44 Magnum bullet can reach speeds of up to 1,380 feet per second, generating kinetic energy at themuzzle of 1,015 foot-pounds of force. That’s plenty of power, enough to take down up to deer-size game at distances of up to 50 yards.

What will a 44 magnum kill?

44 Magnums are generally a revolver caliber ) enough to kill an enraged bear or a surprise attack. You are going to miss or even if you hit it may not be a kill shot.

Can you survive a .44 Magnum?

A . 44 magnum is a powerful handgun round, but doesn’t have the energy to “blow your head clean off” (Which I take it to mean leave nothing but a stump of the neck). That sort of catastrophic damage is going to require a rifle round and some luck with the terminal ballistics. It will, however, kill you dead.

Is a 45 more powerful than a 44 Magnum?

44 Magnum has earned a reputation as one of the most powerful handgun rounds available for home defense or hunting. … 44 Magnum delivers between 900 and 1,500 foot pounds of energy; by contrast, the . 45 ACP’s power ranges between 400 and 600 foot pounds.

Is there a difference between 44 mag and 44 Remington Mag?

No difference. 44 magnum and 44 remington magnum are the same. it’s 44 automag that is different and of course 445 super mag.

What is the best 44 Magnum bullet for deer hunting?

Best . 44 Magnum AmmoBlack Hills 240gr. I have hunted many a whitetail with the . 44 Magnum and put down many a feral hog as well. … Hornady Leverevolution 225gr. If you plan on hunting with . 44 mag in a lever-action rifle, this is the best of the best.

How much does a 44 mag drop at 100 yards?

The Magnum load is given at 1750 ft / sec, giving 1 inch drop at 50 yds and 3 inches at 100 yds. Of course the easiest way is to shoot and measure.

Will a 12 gauge kill a grizzly bear?

Sure. At close range, 12 gauge shotgun slug will kill just about any animal that ever walked the Earth. … 12 gauge pump shotguns are preferred bear defense guns by many knowledgeable people living in areas with high grizzly densities. They are definitely adequate grizzly defense guns.

Can you shoot 410 out of a 44 Magnum?

410 shotgun. Shotguns don’t develop nearly the chamber pressures as do pistol cartridges let alone magnum cartridges. … Catastrophic failure causing injury or death is eminent.