Question: How Do You Spell Remorse?

What does it mean to have no remorse?

noun regret, shame, guilt, pity, grief, compassion, sorrow, anguish, repentance, contrition, compunction, penitence, self-reproach, pangs of conscience, ruefulness, bad or guilty conscience He has shown no remorse for his actions..

Can you feel remorse for someone else?

Remorse involves admitting one’s own mistakes and taking responsibility for one’s actions. It creates a sense of guilt and sorrow for hurting someone else and leads to confession and true apology. … BP/NPs don’t take responsibility for their own moods or actions, so they don’t feel remorse.

What is another word for remorse?

Some common synonyms of remorse are compunction, contrition, penitence, and repentance.

What is the opposite of remorse?

remorse. Antonyms: complacency, self-approval, self-congratulation. Synonyms: compunction, anguish, self-condemnation, penitence, sting of conscience.

What is it called when you feel bad for someone?

Sympathy is a feeling of pity or sense of compassion — it’s when you feel bad for someone else who’s going through something hard.

What does the word remorse mean?

1 : a gnawing distress arising from a sense of guilt for past wrongs : self-reproach.

How do you use remorse in a sentence?

Remorse sentence examplesThere was no remorse in his face. … It wasn’t remorse he saw, but fear. … He learned the remorse of hangovers and overeating. … I only know two very real evils in life: remorse and illness. … Don’t expect me to feel remorse for the scum of the Earth. … Another held him accountable, with remorse causing him to take his own life.More items…

Is remorse a mood?

full of remorse. characterized by or due to remorse: a remorseful mood.

What is the guilt?

the fact or state of having committed an offense, crime, violation, or wrong, especially against moral or penal law; culpability: He admitted his guilt. a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense, crime, wrong, etc., whether real or imagined.