Question: Which Aqueous Solution Has The Lowest Boiling Point?

Which aqueous solution has the highest boiling point?

The solvent used here is water.

So elevation in boiling point will be above a boiling point of water for all solutions.

Higher ΔT will have a higher boiling point.

Thus, Na3PO4 has the highest boiling point..

Which has highest freezing point?

As 1 M NaCl produces more ions and thus lowers the freezing point to maximum. Thus 1 M glucose has higher freezing point.

What is the I in freezing point depression?

ΔTF, the freezing-point depression, is defined as TF (pure solvent) − TF (solution). … b is the molality (moles solute per kilogram of solvent) i is the van ‘t Hoff factor (number of ion particles per individual molecule of solute, e.g. i = 2 for NaCl, 3 for BaCl2).

Which non metal has very high melting and boiling points?

Which non-metal has very high melting and boiling points? Diamond and Graphite has more melting and boiling points. Because they are the substances with giant covalent structures have very high melting points, because a lot of strong covalent bonds must be broken.

Which gas has the least boiling point?

The noble gases all have low boiling points :helium, at the top of group 0, has the lowest boiling point of any element.boiling point increases going down the group.

Which metal has the lowest boiling point?

MercuryThe metal with the least boiling point is Mercury(Hg). Mercury is a metal that has both the least boiling point and melting point. Gallium, a metal with just 29.76°C melting point has about 2400°C boiling point.

Why does solute lower freezing point?

The introduction of a solute reduces the activity of the liquid phase solvent, thereby reducing the rate of freezing. You can think of this reduction in activity as solute molecules “getting in the way” of solvent molecules from attaining the correct alignment for freezing at the surface.

What is freezing point?

the temperature at which a liquid freezes: The freezing point of water is 32°F, 0°C.

Which aqueous solution has the lowest freezing point?

Remember, the greater the concentration of particles, the lower the freezing point will be. 0.1mCaI2 will have the lowest freezing point, followed by 0.1mNaCl, and the highest of the three solutions will be 0.1mC6H12O6, but all three of them will have a lower freezing point than pure water.

Which solution has the lowest freezing point?

The solution which has the lowest freezing point temperature is 0.

Which solution has highest freezing point?

1 molar of urea solution has maximum freezing point. The depression in the freezing point is a colligative property and depends on the number of solute particles present in the solution. All the given solutions have same molarity.

Which is not a Colligative property?

Video Explanation. Colligative properties are the properties which depend upon the number of solute particles present in the solution. Optical activity does not depends upon number of particles present hence it is not a colligative property. Hence, option B is the answer.

What is the easiest metal to melt?

GalliumGallium is the metal that melts when taken in hands having a melting point of approx 29 degree celsius. In the below table is the list of melting points of some metals. Comparatively lower melting point metals are easier to melt.

Which metal has highest boiling point?

TungstenAmong all the elements Tungsten (W) atomic number =74 , has the highest boiling point (5930°C) and melting point (3422°C ) and lowest vapor pressure , and at temperatures over 1650°C has the highest tensile strength. The free element is remarkable for its robustness.