Quick Answer: How Do I Change My Age On Xbox?

How do I change my birthdate on my Microsoft account?

Adult accounts and accounts for children over 13Go to account.microsoft.com and sign in with your Microsoft account.Select Your info.On the Your info page, select Edit date of birth.

Because you’re accessing sensitive information, you may be asked to verify your identity.Make your changes and select Save..

Can you change your age?

According to the first, age is necessarily and always chronological age. Age is, by definition, only a measure of how long something has existed – and nothing else. Since one cannot travel back in time, one simply cannot change one’s age.

Why does my Xbox account say I’m a child?

We understand that you’re experiencing an issue concerning the account in use appearing as a child account on console, as well as on mobile. The reason for either is that it may not be recognizing updated data for either console or on mobile. For the console, would this happen to be on an Xbox One console?

Why is my Xbox account still a child account?

Xbox LIVE determines whether an account is a child account or an adult account based on the age of the account owner. … This promotion removes the Family Settings and Xbox LIVE restrictions. To promote a child account to an adult account. Sign in to Xbox LIVE by using the account that you want to change.