Quick Answer: What Do You Mean By P * * * *?

What are P’s drugs?

p and p – Methamphetamine used in combination with MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine) and Viagra.

p-dogs – Combination of cocaine and marijuana.

p-dope – 20-30% pure heroin..

What does BDM mean sexually?

BDM is an acronym that has many meanings. It can stand for Business Development Manager in job listings. It can mean bondage, discipline, and masochism in personal ads. It also refers to Big Dick Millionaire, a “premium membership” for listeners of the Tom and Dan Internet radio show.

What does V and VV mean?

Definition. V/V. Vice Versa (also seen as VV)

What does V mean in MSP?

When someone says ‘comment for a tbh’ or something similar, it means they’ll tell you their honest opinion of you, most often on your guestbook. Ultra – A rare that hasn’t been in the most recent rare week. V – An arrow pointing downwards.

What does * mean in texting?

(An asterisk is usually used in texting to specify a correction to something in a previous message. In more formal contexts* it may be used to direct you to a footnote)

What does 9 mean in texting?

:9 means “Yum, licking” So now you know – :9 means “Yum, licking” – don’t thank us.

What does P mean on Instagram?

Summary of Key PointsSummary of Key Points. “WhatsApp” is the most common definition for whats p on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What does BTW mean sexually?

11. BRB – Be right back. 12. BTW – By the way. 13.

What is a 95 job?

The definition of a nine to five is a normal and routine job. The term is often used to describe boring or unfulfilling jobs. An example of a nine to five might be working at a fast food restaurant just to make a paycheck if you have no interest in food.

What is the meaning of p * * * *?

Tongue sticking out tauntingly. ( Less common. As said earlier, 😛 is usually is interpreted as a tongue *hanging* out, not protruding straight forward)

What does 78 mean sexually?

CRIMES ACT 1900 – SECT 78. Meaning of sexual servitude and sexual services for pt 5. (1) In this part: “sexual services” means the commercial use or display of the body of the person providing the service for the sexual gratification of others.

What does Boomer mean in text?

OK boomer is a viral internet slang phrase used, often in a humorous or ironic manner, to call out or dismiss out-of-touch or closed-minded opinions associated with the baby boomer generation and older people more generally.

What does P mean in slang?

The Meaning of 😛 😛 means “Sticking tongue out” So now you know – :P. means “Sticking tongue out” – don’t thank us. YW!

What does this mean :$ in texting?

:$ means “Embarrassed”.

What does 3 mean in texting?

Meaning “read line” or “read message” above. <3. Meaning "sideways heart" (love, friendship) <3. Meaning "broken heart"

Why is MovieStarPlanet so bad?

MovieStarPlanet is hazard towards your children. A common factor to prove this, are the users whom hack. This factor is a very serious issue, as many people have had traumatic experiences with these hackers.

What is P face?

mean in chat or text? :P. means a face with a sticking out tongue. If you tilt your head left it will look like 2 eyes and then a mouth with a tongue sticking out. People either use it as in a cheeky way or a flirty way or if they’re just being funny.