Quick Answer: What Happened To The Costco Chocolate Cake?

Why is Costco not selling cakes?

When asked why the store stopped selling the sheet cakes, a Costco representative explained the decision in the comments section: “To help limit personal contact and create more space for social distancing, Costco has reduced service in some departments.

At this time, we are not making sheet cakes for special order..

Did Costco stop selling chocolate cake?

Costco’s All American Chocolate Cake Tragically, Costco decided to do away with it. … Once they took it off their shelves, a Change.org petition begged Costco to reconsider their decision. The petition went so far as to call the discontinuation of this cake an “insult.”

What is Costco no longer selling?

On June 29, Costco announced that it would no longer sell its half-sheet cakes. These delicious rectangular cakes have been a staple of graduation and birthday parties for years, but no more. Costco has been phasing the cakes out over the past month, promoting their new ten-inch round cakes instead.

How much is chocolate cake at Costco?

Kirkland Signature All-American Chocolate Cake For about $17, you get 7 pounds of chocolate with seven layers of moist cake covered by a rich chocolate buttercream frosting and chocolate shavings.

Why did Costco discontinued ice cream bars?

Say good-bye to Costco’s chocolate dipped ice cream bar with toasted almonds. With the price of almonds & dairy constantly on the rise, it’s believed overall sales and company profits played a major role in this decision to pull the tasty item off the menu. …

Is Costco cake good?

Costco sheet cakes are a fantastic value, and you certainly get your money’s worth. For one thing, they’re freaking huge. A half sheet cake weighs in at about nine and a half pounds and is said to serve 48 people.

What does green sign mean at Costco?

This symbol means the product is being discontinued or it is a seasonal item that won’t return until next year, if at all. Once again, if you know you need it, best to grab it now or load up on several in case it’s making its last Costco cameo.

Did Costco stop making cakes?

Costco has stopped selling its half-sheet cakes. The decision also coincides with a recommendation from several US states and health agencies to avoid or prohibit large gatherings in light of Covid-19. Half-sheet cakes feeds around 50 people, while its 10-inch round cake serves around a dozen.

Can you still order cakes from Costco?

We ask that you order at your local Costco warehouse’s bakery, as we don’t provide online cake-ordering options. Please keep in mind that you’ll need to complete an order form, and our bakers require a two-day notice—this is all to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want!

Should I refrigerate Costco cake?

Costco does refrigerate the preordered ones that are in the case for special order pickup. Don’t know why, but we have always put ours in the frig prior to serving just to be safe. The big Costco sheet cakes have that cream cheese/pudding type stuff in between the two layers so I always put it in the refrigerator.

Does chocolate cake need to be refrigerated?

Properly stored, freshly baked chocolate cake will last for about 1 to 2 days at normal room temperature. *Refrigerate immediately any cake that contains frosting or filling made with dairy products or eggs, such as buttercream, whipped cream or custard frostings or fillings.

What does the * mean at Costco?

A Costco employee of 15 months told Business Insider that seasonal items “that are the last quantities in stock are marked with an asterisk on signage.” They added that such products “can be marked down quite a bit.” But, according to The Kitchn, asterisks don’t necessarily indicate that the item has been marked down.

How much is a cake from Costco?

Turns out, you can actually buy a half-sheet cake at Costco for $18.99, which can serve up to 48 people per cake! This is cheap already, but it’s even cheaper when you look at the prices for other brands. At Walmart and BJ’s, you can the same amount of cake for $25, or half the amount for around $17.

How many people does Costco cake serve?

48 guestsYou can serve 48 guests with just one of Costco’s half sheet cakes. That means when cuts are made and pieces are doled out, you’ve spent just 39-cents per person.

Why is Costco cake so good?

Instead of being a rich chocolate frosting Costco uses a mousse, which is significantly lighter than a traditional frosting. It also adds a level of flavor that isn’t seen on many other cakes I’ve had. It is very light and not too sweet so you won’t feel sick after eating a piece (or two).