Quick Answer: Where Can I Find A Geocache Near Me?

What does TB mean in geocaching?

Travel BugTB.

“Travel Bug®”.

A tag with a unique code that can be attached to an item.

The trackable is then carried from cache to cache (or person to person) in the real world, and its progress can be followed on Geocaching.com.

Also known as Trackables and GeoCoins..

Can I make my own geocache trackable?

Own trackables Enter the tracking code on the trackable page and select the search icon. Enter your activation code and select Activate Your Trackable. On the trackable details page, enter a Name, Mission, and Description for your trackable. Select if you want to make your trackable collectable.

Is geocaching still a thing 2020?

With over 3 million geocaches worldwide, geocaching is fun in all directions. That’s why we’re celebrating 02.02. 2020, an international palindrome date, with a new souvenir! The last Leap Day was four years ago in 2016 and we’ve been anxiously awaiting it’s return in 2020.

Does geocaching cost money?

The traditional Geocaching game will always be free. Subscriptions will be for new enhancements and new games added to Groundspeak. It takes development time and resources ($$) in order to make these ideas come to life.”

What’s the point of geocaching?

Today, thousands of people around the world are doing just that through geocaching. Geocachers seek out treasures hidden by other players while exploring interesting locations. At its most basic level, geocaching is a game where players use GPS receivers to track down a container, or cache.

What app do you use to geocache?

4 Best Apps for Geocaching (Aug 2020 Review)Geocaching by Groundspeak Inc. Our number one app is Geocaching by Groundspeak Inc. … Cachly. For iPhone users, one of our top apps for geocaching is Cachly, which provides everything you need to geocache in one easy-to-use and inexpensive mobile app. … Spyglass.

How do you hide a geocache?

How to hide your first geocacheFind at least 20 caches. Variety is the spice of geocaching. … Read the guidelines. … Take the hider quiz. … Choose a great location. … Choose a great container. … Set it up! … Communicate with your reviewer. … Maintain your geocache.

Can you make your own geocache?

As well as finding caches, geocachers hide their own caches for others to find. Here is a step by step guide on making a geocache. If you haven’t already, then make an account and give geocaching a go before you jump straight in and make your own.

Where can I find a large geocache?

How do I search for caches “Found By” another geocacher?Visit the Profile page of the other player (you can use the Find a User page here)Click on the “Geocaches” tab on their profile.Under “Geocaches Found”, click on “All Geocache Finds”. The resulting list will show all geocaches found by that user.

Who made geocaching?

Matt StumGeocaching, first coined by Matt Stum on the “GPS Stash Hunt” mailing list on May 30, 2000, was the joining of two familiar words. The prefix geo, for Earth, was used to describe the global nature of the activity, but also for its use in familiar topics in gps such as geography.

What do geocaches look like?

What does a geocache look like? Geocaches vary greatly in size and appearance. In the field you will see everything from large, clear plastic containers to film canisters to a fake rock with a secret compartment.

Can you geocache without WiFi?

The Geocaching® app uses offline maps before it tries to pull data from the internet. But offline maps are not designed to replace an available internet connection. If you don’t want the app to use cellular data, switch to WiFi or Airplane Mode. … Screenshots are from the Geocaching® app on iPhone.

What is similar to geocaching?

10 Fun Outdoor Games to Play Using GPS-Enabled SmartphonesGeocaching. Geocaching is a scavenger-type activity where users can hide item-filled “caches” wherever they want, then upload the GPS coordinates to the web for others to find. … Geohashing. Image via XKCD. … Geodashing. … Waymarking. … Pokemon GO. … Ingress. … Resources. … Color Planet.More items…•

What is a collectible trackable?

Collectible — Trackable owners can choose to set their Trackables as “Collectible” or “Not Collectible.” “Collectible” may mean that the owner has decided to keep it in their personal collection or, if you find it in a cache, that they are okay with you keeping the item and placing it in your own collection.

Why is geocaching dangerous?

Geocaching has many of the same dangers of simply being outside. In urban areas there is the risk of being hit by an auto, being mugged, etc. In the woods there are the risks of inclement weather, lightning, poison ivy or oak, stinging nettle, biting insects, venomous snakes, predatory animals, falling, etc.

Who has found the most geocaches?

The most found geocaches are both hidden in the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague. In fact, they’re just across the famous Charles Bridge from one another.

How do I find geocaches near me?

3 steps to begin your adventureCreate an account. Create an account online or through the Geocaching® app to view a map of geocaches near you.Find a geocache. Use the app to navigate to a geocache nearby. Don’t forget to bring a pen!Share your experience. Once you find the geocache, sign and date the logbook.

Can you geocache for free?

The unique selling point of C:Geo is that there is nothing that is being sold to you since it is a free application and is rated as one of the best free Android applications for geocaching. It is an unofficial client of geocaching.com and allows you to access Live Map and save maps on your SD Card.

How much is a geocaching premium membership?

Get the best of Geocaching: Go Premium Only $9.99 for three months, or $29.99 for one year.

What should I leave in a geocache?

GPS/smartphone and extra batteries/charger. Don’t lose the juice. … SWAG for trading. SWAG = stuff we all get. … Extra logbooks and pencils. Yes, it’s the cache owner’s responsibility to maintain their caches. … Snacks and water. … Sunscreen. ‘ … Bug spray. … Rain gear. … Tools of the Trade — TOTT.More items…•