What Does NSR Mean On A Car?

What is OSF on a car?

Off-side (which means the driver’s side of the vehicle) O/S/F.

Off-side front.

Near-side (which means the passenger’s side of the vehicle) N/S/F..

Why do we need NSR?

NSR registration provides the registered persons with an industry preferred profile on a central system. … NSR also deters persons faking and inflating their CVs from competing for jobs based on hyped details. So all honest persons must register their correct details on NSR and stop the menace of faked resumes.

Is offside the drivers side of the car?

The off side is the side away from the kerb. This is also abbreviated to ‘O/S’. In the UK this is also known as the driver side.

Which side is the right side of a vehicle?

The right and left sides of a vehicle or the engine are determined facing forward from the rear of the car or as from the point of view of being seated inside the car, facing the front (from the driver’s seat).

Which side is rear right on a car?

Passenger side is the RIGHT. If you get a let’s say motor mount and the store ask you front left right or rear the right is passenger side. The side of any vehicle is the same side as if you where sitting in the driver or passenger seat. Driver side is left passenger side is right.

What model car do I have?

Check the VIN. The vehicle identification number is found in your car on the driver’s side either on the door or somewhere between the dashboard and windshield. It can also be located in your car title and registration.

What does NSR mean?

NSRAcronymDefinitionNSRNew Source Review (air quality permit program of federal Clean Air Act for nonattainment pollutant)NSRNorth Staffordshire Railway (est. 1845; UK)NSRNorske Samers Riksforbund (Norwegian: Norwegian Sami Association)NSRNational Scouting Report (college athletics; Alabaster, AL)48 more rows

Which side is NSR?

So the Near-side of the car is the Passenger’s side and the Off-side is the Driver’s side.

What is the nearside of a car?

nearside (plural nearsides) (Britain) The side of a road vehicle nearest to the kerb: the left side if one drives on the left of the road.

What is NRS stand for?

NRSAcronymDefinitionNRSNumerical Rating Scale (pain measurement)NRSNepalese Rupee (national currency)NRSNational Readership SurveyNRSNatural Reserve System (University of California)50 more rows

What does n s/f mean?

not sufficient fundsNSF in British English or N/S/F banking. abbreviation for. not sufficient funds.

Where is offside front on a car?

The nearside offside definition for cars is as follows: Easily remembered by using the kerb. The passenger side of your vehicle is closest to the kerb whilst driving in the UK. So think of the side nearest the kerb – nearside and the drivers side – offside.

Which is the left and right side of a car UK?

So, in a UK car, the left is the UK passenger side, the right is UK drivers side.