What Does S Stand For In Medical Terms?

What does S in please stand for?




Provide Legal Exculpation and Sign Everything (Barney Stinson saying; TV) PLEASE..

What does C and S stand for in medical terms?

C&S. Culture & sensitivity Microbiology A set of tests performed on a clinical specimen, where isolation of a potentially pathogenic bacterium is followed by antibiotic susceptibility testing.

What’s n9 mean?

Meaning. ***** N9. Nonoxynol-9. ***

What does 9 mean in texting?

The Meaning of 9 9 means “Parent watching” So now you know – 9 means “Parent watching” – don’t thank us. YW! What does 9 mean? 9 is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the 9 definition is given.

What does 1174 mean?

Meet in person at1174 is leetspeak for “Meet in person at.” It is typically used in text messages to discreetly refer to the place where the sender and recipient(s) will meet together to party.

Can medical acronym?

Community Action Network (Medspeak-UK) contrast-associated nephropathy. cord around neck. coronary artery narrowing.

What is KFC new name?

See? We are still called Kentucky Fried Chicken; we started using KFC ’cause it was fewer syllables. Continue reading below to have this myth further dispelled. In 1991, Kentucky Fried Chicken decided on a name change to KFC.

What is U S in medical terms?

Also found in: Dictionary, Medical, Wikipedia. Acronym. Definition. u/s. Ultrasound.

What is the abbreviation of KFC?

KentuckyKFC (short for Kentucky Fried Chicken) is an American fast food restaurant chain headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, that specializes in fried chicken.

Which medical jargon abbreviation means the patient is to take nothing by mouth?

Nothing by mouth is a medical instruction meaning to withhold food and fluids. It is also known as nil per os (npo or NPO), a Latin phrase that translates literally to English as “nothing through the mouth”.

What do Jamaicans call KFC?

Posted October 22, 2005. Jamaican Jerk Chicken is what Kentucky Fried Chicken wants to be when it grows up………

Who is the CEO of KFC?

Roger Eaton (Aug 18, 2015–)KFC/CEO

What does 78 mean sexually?

CRIMES ACT 1900 – SECT 78. Meaning of sexual servitude and sexual services for pt 5. (1) In this part: “sexual services” means the commercial use or display of the body of the person providing the service for the sexual gratification of others.

What are the abbreviations for taking medication?

Table: Common Medical and Prescription AbbreviationsAbbreviationMeaning / Intended MeaningCategoryachsbefore meals and at bedtimetimeADright earroute of administrationad libfreely; as much as desiredtimead sat.to saturationother129 more rows•Jul 17, 2019

What is the medical sign for with?

Conclusion. So, what does a c with a line over it mean? A c with line over it medical abbreviation is a common abbreviation used by doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to take the place of the word “with.” The symbol c comes from the Latin word for “with,” which is cum.

What does R mean in medical terms?

Abbreviation. Meaning. R. respiration, (right)

What does D C mean?

D/CAcronymDefinitionD/CDirect Current (electricity; also seen as DC)D/CDischarge (from a hospital, medical care, etc)D/CDouble CabD/CDiscontinue11 more rows