What Is The Order Of The Secret Books?

What reading level is the name of this book is secret?

The Name of this Book Is Secret (The Secret Series)Interest LevelReading LevelWord CountGrades 3 – 7Grades 3 – 659485May 12, 2015.

Is Law of Attraction delusional?

One of the biggest bandwagons that has rolled through the self-help community in recent years is the so-called Law of Attraction. This claims that you attract into your life whatever you think about.

How can I change my life secret?

How the Secret Changed My Life presents a selection of the most heart-warming and moving stories in one inspirational volume. Each story provides an authentic, real-life illustration of the pathway that leads to success in every area of life: money, health, relationships, love, family and career.

How many books are there in the secret series?

5The Secret Series/Number of booksThe Secret Series Complete Collection (Set of 5 Books) (English, Paperback, Pseudonymous Bosch) This is a book full of secrets, and everyone loves a secret. If you want in on the secret, then you will have to read the five books that come in this collection.

What genre is the name of this book is secret?

MysteryAdventure fictionThe Name of this Book is Secret/Genres

Is the law of attraction real?

This combination of positive thought and positive emotion is believed to allow one to attract positive experiences and opportunities by achieving resonance with the proposed energetic law. The Law of Attraction has no scientific basis and has been dubbed a pseudoscience.

How many pages is the name of this book is secret?

360The Name of this Book is Secret/Page count

Who wrote the name of this book is secret?

Pseudonymous BoschThe Name of this Book is Secret/AuthorsThe Name of this Book is Secret is a 2007 fantasy novel for young readers by Pseudonymous Bosch. It chronicles the adventures of two children, Cass and Max-Ernest, as they investigate the mysterious death of local magician Pietro Bergamo.

What should I read after the secret?

If You Love ‘The Secret’, Here Are 15 Uplifting Books That’ll Speak To Your SoulThe Power by Rhonda Byrne.The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.The Law of Attraction by Jack Canfield.The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.Mystic’s Musings by Jaggi Vasudev (Sadhguru)Real Love by Sharon Salzberg.The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.More items…•

What are the 3 laws of attraction?

The 3 Laws of Attraction are: Like Attracts Like. Nature Abhors a Vacuum. The Present is Always Perfect.

What is Bray Johnson’s secret?

Who is Bray actually? In the movie ‘The Secret: Dare to Dream’, Bray reveals to Miranda that he was the survivor of the plane crash which killed her husband. Bray wanted to give her the due credit for her husband’s invention which he revealed to the world.

Why Law of Attraction is dangerous?

“The Law of Attraction” Can Screws with You Because You’re More Likely to Suppress or Deny “Negative” Emotions. When we’re struggling to make “The Law of Attraction” our minion, we’re more likely to suppress or deny any so-called “negative” emotions we’re having. Feelings like Anxiety, Sadness, Anger and Fear.

What is pseudonymous Bosch’s real name?

Raphael SimonPseudonymous Bosch/Full name

Who has read the secret?

The Secret (book)Hardcover editionAuthorRhonda ByrneLanguageEnglishSubjectSelf-help spiritualPublisherAtria Books Beyond Words Publishing8 more rows

What’s the secret in the secret book?

There’s no secret to The Secret. The book and movie simply state that your thoughts control the universe. Through this “law of attraction” you “manifest” your desires.