Will There Be A Season 4 Of Handmaids Tale?

Is The Handmaid’s Tale Cancelled?

Hulu’s Emmy-winning dystopian drama series The Handmaid’s Tale is shutting down production amid escalating coronavirus pandemic and a national emergency declared in the U.S.

The drama has been filming its fourth season, which marks the directorial debut of Emmy-winning star Elisabeth Moss..

How many episodes are in season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale?

10 episodesSeason 4, which will consist of 10 episodes, began production in March 2020, with Elisabeth Moss filming her directorial debut, but work had to be halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In June 2020, Hulu announced that the fourth season is planned to premiere in 2021.

Does Aunt Lydia die?

“Aunt Lydia doesn’t die [laughs],” Miller told reporters during a conference call Monday. … “But Aunt Lydia doesn’t die,” he continued. “She’s transformed by this event, one of her girls — she has you know has twisted herself into thinking there is a love between her and her girls — has literally stabbed her in the back.

Did June kill Mrs Lawrence?

The Handmaid’s Tale killed off Eleanor Lawrence (played by Julie Dretzin) in brutal circumstances at the end of episode 12 after she had got closer to June Osborne (Elisabeth Moss) this season.

Why did June let Eleanor die?

She gave her husband a reason to live, and to do better, and now that reason is gone. Put simply, there was no real reason for June to let her die. The only reason I can fathom is one of mercy, that June wanted to let her end her suffering and respected her desire to commit suicide and end her own life.

Do the Waterfords get Nichole back?

The Waterfords don’t have Nichole back yet, but they’re obviously going to try their hardest to get custody again. It’s not clear how successful that attempt is going to be, because the audience doesn’t know enough about the political relationship between Canada and Gilead.

Will there be another season of Handmaid’s Tale?

On June 24, 2020, Hulu announced that The Handmaid’s Tale season 4 will premiere in 2021. Although no specific date was given, we do know there will be 10 new episodes to watch.

Does June die in The Handmaid’s Tale book?

June’s Fate Is Left Unknown In The Book So, at the end of The Handmaid’s Tale, June gets into a van, not knowing where it’s going to take her.

Why did Offred kill herself?

It is revealed that this Offred, like her successor, was coerced into an emotional affair with the Commander and that Serena was infuriated when she found out. … When Offred asks the Commander about the first Offred, he reveals she killed herself, simply stating that “Serena found out” (about her secretly visiting him).

Does JUNE get out of Gilead?

No, June doesn’t escape. She is shot by one of Gilead’s guards but not before she and a few Marthas and Handmaids stayed behind to distract him by throwing rocks at him as dozens of children (more than the 52 originally expected), Marthas and Handmaids made it to the waiting plane.

How many seasons will there be of the Handmaid’s Tale?

10 seasonsHulu CEO Randy Freer told Variety in 2018, “Look, I hope, as success goes, there’s 10 seasons of The Handmaid’s Tale.” Even if it does wrap up before 10 seasons, Hulu already picked up the rights for a separate adaptation of Atwood’s recent Handmaid’s Tale sequel, The Testaments.